Hogans Hotel pokies application - Alliance for Gambling Reform

To the VCGLR, 

Hogans Hotel has applied for 20 additional poker machines to add to their existing 45. They already take $4.8 million from the community through their pokies. If successful, the increase will lead to more harm and higher losses. 

This kind of greed will cause great harm to the Wallan community, it will likely lead to increased rates of family violence, mental health issues and crime. It will suck money from local businesses and restrict potential for investment in new and exciting businesses.

Please reject this application for 20 additional poker machines in our community!!

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Sign this petition to let the Victorian Commission of Gambling and Liquor Regulation (VCGLR) know that the Wallan and surrounding community do not want more poker machines at the Ballarat Golf Club!

We know that when community have their say, they are much more likely to get the best outcome! 

The decision will be made by the VCGLR. If you want to do more, send them a written submission to contact@vcglr.vic.gov.au and let them know why you think more pokies at the Hogans Hotel will cause more harm to your community.