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No More Pokies in Footscray

The Castello’s Powell Hotel have applied for 17 more poker machines to add to their existing 30. They take nearly $4 million from the community every year, and if this application is successful it will increase expenditure by an estimated $2.5 million. Leading to losses of over $6.5 million every year.

Footscray is in the City of Maribyrnong’s capped region, meaning only 17 more poker machines can be placed in the area. This is worst case scenario. However, if these additional machines are approved then the City of Maribrynong will have the highest possible number of pokies allowable. Do you want Footscray to be packed to brim of pokies?

You can send the pre-written email straight to the decisions makers, however, the more unique submissions they receive the stronger our message. If you have time, add why you don't want to see more pokies in Footscray. 

Your voice is extremely valuable. In the past, we have seen that community submissions have made all the difference in pokies being stopped!