Say No to More Pokies at the Torquay Hotel - Alliance for Gambling Reform

Say No to More Pokies at the Torquay Hotel

The Torquay Hotel has applied for an additional 15 poker machines to add to their existing 30! If approved, it would make this venue the owner of over 50% of the poker machines in the Surf Coast Shire!

If this application is successful, these numbers will continue to grow, and it is estimated an extra $600,000 will be lost from the community every year! We know that when there are more poker machines in an area, there is a higher density of domestic violence, mental illness, family breakdown and crime. 

Will you take action to ensure this doesn't happen?

When writing your submission remember, the Commission does not put much weight behind people who write about how bad poker machines are more generally. Instead, the VCGLR need to hear about how this will affect you and your community’s sense of safety and wellbeing.

For example:

  • Does it make you feel unsafe knowing that more pokies in your area means a higher chance of crime, mental health issues and domestic violence?
  • Are you concerned about local business’s (particularly during off-peak season) that will lose trade because money will be going into the pokies instead?
  • The new owners of Torquay Hotel already own several high loss venues. The Grovedale takes over $11 million from the Geelong community every year, that’s around $140,000 on each machine!! Do we want an owner that encourages that kind of loss to be running more than half of the poker machines in Surf Coast Shire?