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Victoria Needs Policies to Reduce Pokie Harm!

Dear Members of Parliament-

Victoria is home to 26,372 pokies with a $5 maximum bet. It's no wonder that last year, Victorian's lost $2.61 billion to poker machines. That's the equivalent to $7,149,397 every day or $542 per Victorian adult annually.

We need a strong policy response which is why this coming election, I want to see you adopt into policy:

1) A maximum $1 bet for poker machines
2) Reduced operating hours for pokie venues
3) Banning "Losses disguised as wins"

This would significantly limit the financial losses and consequently, the harm caused by poker machines including addiction, poverty, depression and increased rates of family violence.

We urgently need poker machine policy reform: adopt these measures into your election policy!

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Pokies are a serious problem in Victoria! Last year, as a state, we lost $2.6 billion to pokies, which is equivalent to $542 per adult and 64% of the total amount spent by Victorian's on various forms of gambling. Last year, Victorians lost $7,149,397 every single day as a result of poker machines. 

It's clear that pokies are the most destructive and dangerous form of gambling and we need to see an adequate policy response. That's why we want to see the major parties adopting three common-sense policies this election:

  • A maximum $1 bet for poker machines
  • Reduced operating hours
  • Banning losses disguised as wins

These measures will have a serious impact on limiting the losses and consequently, the harm caused by poker machines. They would also have little impact on people who use pokies recreationally. 

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