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Woolworths: The Pokies People

Woolworths is the biggest operator of pokies in the country, the most damaging type woolworths-logo_rgb-large1.jpgof gambling to Australians. It's been estimated that Woolworths' annual net pokie revenue is at least $1.2 billion.

Woolies generates 11.7% of its annual profit from its pokie business. They have more than 12,000 pokies across 330 venues all around Australia: far more than Star City or Crown Casino.

Click here to read an explainer of how Woolworths pokies business work!


We're determined to get Woolies out of pokies!

Woolworths is Australia's most predatory pokie business, profiting immensely through a product that is designed to addict and causes immeasurable harm to individuals, families and communities around the country every single day, all whilst labelling themselves a "family-friendly business".


It's absolute hypocrisy and we are on the cusp of making pokies more costly to their reputation than the money is worth.

This year, with Woolies pokie business getting more press than ever and a lot of dissatisfied customers, it's clear that Woolworths' reputation is at stake if they stay in the pokie business.

If we keep the pressure on, it's only a matter of time!

If Woolworths, Australia's biggest of pokies got out of pokies- this would be massive! The entire pokies industry would be shaken to their core and it would send a strong message to politicians: associating with pokies is poison!

We're already winning: 

* Woolworths rival Coles has already moved to support $1 bets

* Woolworths is currently under two seperate, independent reviews

* Woolworths board members are splitting with ALH board members on Woolies pokies involvement

* After several leaks by Andrew Wilkie, the public is becoming more aware of Woolies predatory pokie business

What we've already done: 

* Woolworth's owned-ALH has proven themselves to be an irresponsible pokie operator! They shouldn't be operating for 20 hours a day- click here to send a letter to ALH and government leaders!

* Pushed Coles to get out of the pokies business: you can send a letter to Coles Leadership here

* Alliance Champion for Change, Anna Bardsley, also confronted the Woolworths board at the 2017 AGM

* Thousands of Alliance supporters have signed petitions to Woolies and written letters to the board demanding that they divest from poker machines!

* In 2017, Alliance Director Susan Rennie ran for election to the Woolworths board at the AGM and called Woolies out for being The Pokies People: