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Dear Honorable Richard Wynne,

Residents in Cardinia want to be protected from more poker machines. We want the same third-party objector rights that other Victorians enjoy who don’t live in Urban Growth Zones.

The Cardinia community do not want more pokies. There is strong community opposition to the current 80 new pokies at 1 Station Street, Officer. This application was unanimously refused by council but the community members have no standing at VCAT due to Planning provisions that you oversee.

We are calling on you to ensure poker machines in Urban Growth Zones go through the same rigorous planning process that they face in other areas. Community members in Cardinia do not want to be treated like second class citizens! 

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An applicant recently put in a proposal for a planning permit for a Hotel venue at 1 Station Street, Officer. With the application there was a sneaky addition of 80 poker machines. Due to the proposed development happening in an Urban Growth Zone the Cardinia community did not get the same rights to oppose this application that other Victorians enjoy.

As community members, we have made it very clear, we do not want more pokies! We have fought long and hard, and we’ve been winning. To ensure victory we need to continue to the momentum and talk to friends and families about the harms that will occur; increased crime, poverty, addiction, aggravated mental health struggles and increased risk of family violence.

Sign and share this petition with the Hon. Richard Wynne today: residents in Cardinia deserve the same rights to oppose poker machines as other Victorians!