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AFL at odds with players

AFL at odds with players

A local family has been destroyed by gambling.
Their new home- lost, a husband & father, possibly sent to prison.
A wife & child left destitute.

Dear Sir,

With disquiet I note that AFL has renewed a relationship with BetEasy, this is certainly contrary to the views reportedly expressed by players in recent times which express an aversion to intrusions by the gambling "industry" into sport.

Near where we live is a recently completed family home, built to accommodate a young family with children.
One can imagine the joy and anticipation of this design and construct.
Sadly, and quite soon after completion, that house was offered for sale and is now occupied by another family.
It transpires that the father, of the initial family, was addicted to gambling and may be sent to prison.
The mother and children are destitute.

Whilst our community has benefited from the addition of a new young family one cannot dismiss the sadness which must be experienced by that first family.
We frequently wonder at the apparent blind spot in the thinking of our North American friends in relation to their gun culture; perhaps we in Australia have a similar blind spot in relation to gambling which is touted as 'recreation' when there is nothing creative about it, and designated an "industry" when it only diminishes our society.
My home state, Tasmania is vying for an AFL team and already hosts games in conjunction with two Victorian teams; if AFL is dependant on the likes of BetEasy I for one do not want you.

Ian R Farquhar.
Swan Bay

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