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Ban Online Inducements

We just found out that Minister Marlene Kairouz is on the verge of issuing a Ministerial Direction which could affect how safe online wagering is. Send a message to her now!

Research by the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation recently found that young men registered with betting agencies are bombarded daily with text messages and emails urging them to place bets. This is really dangerous as the research found:

  • People targeted with inducements placed more bets, impulsive bets, riskier bets and larger bets;
  • When delivered directly to people’s mobile through SMS and containing a direct link to the betting website/app, these messages prompt impulsive betting decisions and betting more than planned.
    • The result of this is encouraging impaired control over betting;
  • Young adult males are the target group for this marketing and consequently, are the ones increasingly reporting betting-related problems and harm.

CQU Associate Professor Matthew Browne, who was part of the research team likened the high volume of messages direct to gamblers’ mobile phones as “like having a poker machine in your lounge room”. We can understand why, being bombarded with inducements encourages unplanned betting and makes the potential amount lost by someone a lot higher!

The Minister has the power to ban these inducements, which would reduce A LOT of the harm that online betting can cause. 

This is our chance to make a difference!

Let's make sure she hears from the community and acts: send a message to the Minister now!