End Gambling Sponsorship in our AFL! - Alliance for Gambling Reform

End Gambling Sponsorship in our AFL!

It's time for the AFL to ditch their $50 MILLION gambling sponsorship with BetEasy and pledge to never take another dollar from the gambling industry.

Together, we can show the Chairman of the AFL that Australians want gambling money out of our League.

The email is pre-written, all you need to do is add your name, address and hit send! [or personalise your message for even greater impact!]

Gambling harm is pervasive in the AFL. A recent report suggests more than 120 players and coaches are experiencing chronic levels of gambling harm- some losing over $1 million dollars.

The AFL isn't doing enough to look after players or the community. How can they with these inappropriate ties to multinational gambling moguls?

The AFL is due to renew their sponsorship arrangement with BetEasy for the 2020 season. We cannot allow this to happen.

The British Football Association rightly ended its gambling sponsorship in 2017 after public outcry - we can do the same here.

BetEasy’s sponsorship means that AFL fans and kids are exposed to harmful gambling messages at each and every game.  It's indiscriminately plastered across our television screens, newsfeeds and stadiums. The AFL has a responsibility to keep children and players safe, not sell them down the river for a quick buck!

Together we can demand the AFL isn't compromised by gambling dollars that are risking the integrity of footy and grooming the next generation to believe gambling and sport go hand in hand.