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  23 October 2019 What does it take to get action on gambling reform in NSW, the state with the worst poker machine problem in the world?  Concerted effort by the Alliance, our lived experience allies and our supporters over this year has laid the foundation for significant action in NSW parliament this past week. Our staff and Champions have had meetings with Ministers, MPs and senior policy advisors. Our supporters have written hundreds of emails to the Gambling Minister and signed petitions. We’ve worked with organisations in Western Sydney to generate public conversation about the need to reduce gambling harm. Our media briefings provide the numbers that the industry wants to keep hidden. Continue reading

SA going from leader to loser in pokies game

Shonica Guy: I am completely astounded that the South Australian Government is proposing poker machines be available on Good Friday and Christmas Day. Is nothing sacred? Is the government so lacking in understanding of gambling harm they think this is okay? Continue reading

Beyond the stats - a friend lost to pokies

(trigger warning: suicide)David Lowe: I had very little to do with pokies until I got a call from a friend in 2001. The news was shocking. Our mutual friend Matt had taken his own life. Another shock followed – Matt had been a poker machine addict. He didn't seem like the type. But what is the type?  Continue reading

Why NSW must use the name Gambling Harm Awareness Week

Anna Bardley: It’s almost impossible to avoid the Gambling ads that have taken over our airways these days. It’s almost impossible to avoid the Gambling ads that have taken over our airways these days. And we all know what’s coming at the end. Continue reading