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No More Pokies in Breakwater

The Geelong community is being faced with yet another application for more poker machines - this time at White Eagle House in Breakwater. The club already takes nearly $1.7 million from the community every year! This is over $4,600 DAILY!! Now they want 43 to add to their existing 35 - they are wanting to more than double the number of machines! 

Last year, we saw more applications for more pokies rejected than ever before! This comes down to better understanding into pokie-harm and local communities raising their voice and speaking out against these applications.

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As a local resident, I am concerned that 43 additional machines at White Eagle House will create more harm to our community which is already over saturated with poker machines. With Buckley's (a pokies venue with 105 poker machines) just two doors down, there are already enough pokies in the area!  

I am concerned that these additional machines will increase family breakdowns, mental health issues and increased crime, which has the potential to negatively change the sense of wellbeing and community in Breakwater. 

Please reject the application for 43 more pokies at White Eagle House!