Call the Western Bulldogs - Alliance for Gambling Reform

Call the Western Bulldogs

The Western Bulldogs currently own 60 poker machines in two pokie venues. Last year, they took nearly $6 million ($5.92 million) from the community to fund their footy club. This is a product that is actively hurting individuals, families and our community and the Bulldogs should not be associated with it.

There are better ways to fund a footy club, like GWS Giants who have transitioned from pokies to childcare centres! The Western Bulldogs are persuadable on this: but they need enough of a push to get them over the line and out of pokies.

Give them a call! This will be a one-minute conversation- all you need to do is tell them why you want them out of pokies and follow the talking points. 

When you call, there will be a menu of options- just dial "6" to speak to someone!

Calling has a massive impact- it shows the community is really engaged on this and the receptionist will pass on your message to Head Office who will be feeling the pressure.

Make sure you ask for a response in writing. This will mean giving them your email address but will mean that they have to take your concerns seriously and respond. Hopefully, this will be the push to get them over the line!