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Calling your MP

Calling your MP can be really intimidating but it's important to remember that you'll be speaking to a staffer who will write a message of what you say and pass it onto that MP. It is essential that you are polite to the staffer, ask that the message is passed on and tell them you would like a response from the MP, no matter the reason for your calling!

There are different reasons for calling your MP, so here are some helpful tips:

If you're calling to organise a meeting:

  • Before calling, make sure you have emailed a written request for a meeting, outlining that you are a constituent of that MP's electorate and the days and times you are available to meet.
    • If not, the MP's staff will just ask you to send an email.
    • If you have not heard from them, call and ask for a response. 
    • If you have heard from them and have discussed a day and time to call, ask to confirm that meeting.

If you're calling to influence a decision or stance:

  • First, outline that you are a constituent in that MP's electorate. 
  • Tell them what you are responding to (i.e. read a newspaper article, heard about it on radio or tv, read an email from the Alliance, etc)
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      • We occasionally send out actions asking for supporters to call a decision-maker and will have details of an action and tips in that.
  • Tell them (in one or two sentences, keep it super brief) why you care about this issue.
  • Ask for a response from the MP. This could be:
    • Ask them to publicly support a certain position (i.e. maximum bets on pokies of $1 or reduced operating hours for pokie venues)
    • Vote to support or reject certain legislation before the Parliament
    • Ask them to take action on a certain issue (i.e. discuss with colleagues to support policy which would reduce poker machine harm: like maximum $1 bets)

If you're calling to ask to attend an event:

  • Similar to if you trying to organise a meeting- the majority of correspondence should be done via email rather than calling. However, if you are unsure where to send a request or want to confirm that the email was received or confirm that the MP can still attend- calling is a great idea!
    • Remind them of your name and that you are a constituent
    • Clearly state why you're calling- the staffer might now know all the details so you may need to remind them
    • Ask to confirm whatever details you need and then ask for this confirmation to be emailed to you ASAP! It's important to get it in writing.


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