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Carlton Blues

To the Carlton Football Club-

You're causing the community the Blues! 

You are the SECOND WORST pokie-AFL club in Australia. With 290 pokies across four venues, you own more pokies and more venues than any other AFL team.

Last year, the community lost $17.6 million in your four pokie venues. This has to stop!

There are other ways of funding your footy club that doesn't hurt the community. More and more clubs are getting out of pokies- now it's your turn to show some leadership.

You're having a losing season but that doesn't mean the community should keep losing too.

I want you to commit to divest from your poker machine business by the end of the year!

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Carlton is losing this season- literally, they're at the bottom of the ladder.

But they are also the second-worst AFL-pokie club and while they rely on pokies, the community is losing as well!

Last year, we lost $17.6 million to the 290 pokies Carlton owns.

There is NO reason for a footy club to be operating pokies when there are other viable funding models which don't come at the cost of the community!

Sign the petition to tell Carlton that it's time to get out of pokies!

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