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Cashless pokies? Not a chance

Dear Minister Kairouz,

Research shows that cashless pokies will drive up losses, thus causing more gambling-related harm. Considering Victoria lost $2.61 billion to poker machines over the last financial year, we need policies which limit, not increase the potential for further pokie harm.

The Productivity Commission identified the risks of cashless gambling — it can disguise the fact that people are losing real money, and may reinforce anonymous, intense and uninterrupted gambling.

It's Victoria's most disadvantaged areas which are the most vulnerable to increased losses as a result of pokies, with increased losses in the City of Casey, Dandenong, Whittlesea, Hume and Geelong. We need policies to minimise, not increase the harm.

Consider my signature a complaint against this proposal. I do not want to see pokie losses increase in my state. You need to put the needs of people before that of the gambling industry's pokies.

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A cashless gambling system, which allows gamblers to load money onto a plastic card like a library or loyalty card is being considered by the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation.

Like all card based spending, card based gambling increases the chances of spending more and increasing the harms associated with poker machines.

The Victorian Government attempted to slip these proposed changes through without announcing it properly. They know it will lead to more spending on pokies and consequently, more harm. It's disgraceful that they're trying to do it as quietly as possible so the community cannot be adequately consulted! We have until September 1st to make complaints to the VCGLR so we need to send a clear message now: People before pokies!