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No more pokies in Wyndham - reject application for 70 pokies at Club Tarneit!

Werribee Football Club have lodged an application to build a new venue called Club Tarneit with 70 poker machines. It is estimated that within the fifth year of operating their poker machines will take well over $10 million annually from the local community. For an area that is so rapidly developing, that means $10 million annually that would not then be spent on investing in local businesses or putting food on the table for families experiencing mortgage stress.

The application has been lodged to the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation (VCGLR) and they will decide whether or not to reject or approve the application in early 2021. It's important that Wyndham City Council represent community views, this petition will be used to show both the Council and VCGLR that this application should be rejected due to the gambling harm it will cause to the community.

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As a local resident of Wyndham, I do not want to see Club Tarneit developed with 70 poker machines. I am concerned about the impact that 70 additional poker machines will have on my community. With losses over $10 million expected after the venue has been operating for several years, it is simply money that community cannot afford. There is already a huge pokies den in Tarneit that takes around $10 million from the community which is only 5 minutes from this new proposed venue - Tarneit absolutely does not need more pokies!