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Don't Sign The MOU!

To Gladys Berejiklian and Luke Foley -

The people of NSW and Australia are sick of politicians bowing to gambling industry bullies and their shock jock mates. 

We've seen that Parliament is too close to powerful industry groups - why else would we see the Sydney Opera House defaced with gambling advertising after huge public opposition?

We know that soon another industry group, ClubsNSW, expects to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the NSW Premier. 

Pokies shouldn't come before people. 

It's time to stand up for the people, and refuse to sign on to any MOU.

Even their Chairman, Peter Newell, has recently been implicated in some of the worst instances of gambling law breaches at his club Steelers. Years of abusing the community through predatory behaviour targeting gambling addiction. 

Enough is enough! Why would you want to be associated with an industry behaving like cowboys? 

Don't sign any MOU with ClubsNSW!

Will you sign?

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Clubs NSW is the peak industry body for clubs across New South Wales. They're responsible for advocating for the 1,101 gambling clubs currently taking nearly $4 billion dollars every year from the people of New South Wales.

These clubs, and their overlords at ClubsNSW, have gotten out of control, becoming the biggest bullies in the Australian gambling industry. How many gambling clubs are doing 'whatever it takes' like the Steelers? 

It's time that our Premier and Government stood up against this behaviour.