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Write to Coles!

Last week, the media reported that Coles was considering divesting from poker machines. This would be massive! 

Coles currently owns over 3000 pokies which take over $185 million from the community each year. They have previously endorsed $1 maximum bets for pokies and have called themselves a "reluctant" owner of poker machines because of the social harm poker machines cause. 

Now that they are considering their future with pokies, we need to be louder than ever! They need to hear that the community wants them out of pokies so we can push them over the edge and get them OUT of pokies. 

This is their opportunity to be a leader in reducing poker machine harm! 

This email is going to the Chairperson of Wesfarmers as well as their CEO, their Media Manager and their Manager of Investor Relations. We need to send a strong message which pushes them to act. All you need to do is enter your name and postcode, then hit send. 

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