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You Can Do It Coles!

To the Board of Wesfarmers & Coles-

We all know the harm that pokies are causing to the Australian community. Over $12 billion is lost annually but more worryingly, pokies actively cause addiction, depression and poverty, whilst also increasing the rates of family violence.

This is not a product any family-friendly business should be associated with, which is why I'm excited by the news that Wesfarmers, as the owner of Coles, is looking to get out of the pokies business.

By divesting entirely from poker machines and venues, you'd be sending a strong message to the industry and your competitor, Woolworths, that pokies are a toxic business.

More than that, you'd no longer be profiting from a product that, through its design, hurts our community.

Take a stand to prevent the social harm caused by poker machines. 

Publicly commit to get out of the pokie business!

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This is MASSIVE news! Coles and its owner, Wesfarmers, are publicly discussing selling off their poker machines and pubs because they are uncomfortable with the harm that they cause to our society.

If Coles got out of pokies- this would send shockwaves through the gambling and pokie industry. It'd send a strong message that being associated with pokies is toxic and it would create more public pressure on Woolworths to get out of pokies.

This is an exciting moment to make a real change to the pokies business in Australia.

Currently, Coles owns over 3000 machines which are responsible for taking $185 million a year out of the community every year.

We want them to stop profiting from pain and get out of the pokies business! Sign the petition and tell Coles to take a stand to reduce pokie-harm in Australia!