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Collingwood Magpies

To the Collingwood Football Club-

When it comes to causing harm from poker machines, you're coming in third!

... This is not something to be proud of.

The community loses over $12 million annually to your 146 pokies.

There is no reason why a football club should be the owner and operator of pokies- there are better ways to fund your club which don't come at the cost to the community!

Australians lose over $12 billion annually to poker machines and those numbers are still rising. We have a serious pokie problem and you should not be a part of it.

I want you to commit to divesting from pokies by the end of the year.

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Collingwood is the third-worst football club for pokie harm!

The community loses over $12 million to Collingwood's 146 pokies every year.

Aside from financial losses, pokies cause serious harm to our community: poverty, addiction, depression and increased incidents of family violence. No AFL club should be associated with a product that has these kinds of side-effects.

Momentum to get the AFL out of pokies is growing fast and what we've seen is there are many alternative ways to fund a footy club that are completely pokie-free! Take Great Western Sydney Giants- they announced earlier this year that they'll be funding their club through early childhood centers instead of pokies. Now that's a family-friendly club!

We want AFL to be an activity everyone can enjoy rather than a means to funding harm to families!

Sign the petition to get Collingwood out of pokies!

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