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Kick dodgy gambling out of the AFL

Aussie_Aussie_Coin_Coin_Cartoon.jpgWe love the AFL. It's the code with a long and proud tradition of being fair. Fans barrack for their teams across generations. Now, dodgy gambling is eroding the foundations of the game. Almost all of the clubs are hooked on the poker machines, taking $93 million from fans in Victoria alone.

Sportsbetting companies are flooding our game with aggressive advertising. Kids are learning the odds for their team before they learn their playing stats. 

A punt on or off the field is one thing, deliberately seeking to fleece as much money as possible through poker machines and online betting is a different game altogether.  

Gambling in the AFL has become a con-job designed to rip fans off. It's time to tell the AFL to go con-free!

Together we can keep footy at the center of our AFL. The Alliance for Gambling Reform has been meeting with AFL clubs and asking them to commit to go con-free. We've put the pokies back into the media spotlight, shining a light on problem the AFL would rather keep secret. 

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