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Crack down on Crown

Premier Andrews, 

Revelations by Andrew Wilkie MP and three Crown Casino whistleblowers demands action. 

Your Government is currently reviewing Crowns Casino, providing you with a simple, quick process to crack down on Crown, and prevent the outrageous behaviour they've been allowed to get away with for too long. 

- Fully investigate all of the revelations following the whistleblowers' reports 

- Apply the full weight of the law to punish Crown for what they've done

- End the legal carve out that means Crown doesn't need to follow the same rules as every other gambling operator

- Prevent Crown from making political donations and hiring former MPs

- Cut back Packer's 50% ownership of Crown to 20%

if you're serious about reducing gambling harm, start here.  

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On the 18th October, Andrew Wilkie MP released damning revelations from 3 Crown Casino whistleblowers outlining a range of outrageous behaviour including instructing employees to tamper with poker machines so they can be played continuously, hiding transactions greater than $10,000 from Austrac, the watchdog on money laundering, and wiping machine memory so that they take more money. read more in the Guardian

All this while their Victorian Government issued license is under review, and while a landmark court case by Shonica Guy is under consideration by Melbourne's Federal Court.  

It's time for change.