Submissions for the Royal Commission into Crown Casino

Submissions for the Royal Commission into Crown Casino

The Victorian Royal Commission into Crown Casino is no longer taking submissions, but the WA Royal Commission is currently seeking stories from people who have been impacted by the Perth Casino

We need as many community members as possible coming forward to share their story. The WA Royal Commission wants to hear from anyone who has experienced harm from their own or someone else’s gambling at Perth Crown. It's not too late, the Royal Commission are still taking submissions until Monday the 16th of August. There has been an extension.  

How can I share my story?
  1. Write down your story in an email or separate document, or call the Crown Perth Royal Commission hotline
  2. Send your letter to [email protected], or call 08 6266 1500
  3. In your email be sure to provide contact details in case they want to get in touch with you, and be sure to include in the email if you would like to remain anonymous

Submissions don't need to be fancy or formal. To get an idea of how to present your story, read Alliance Volunteer Carolyn's story she sent to the Melbourne Crown Royal Commission click here.

What is gambling harm?

You don’t have to have an addiction to have experienced gambling harm.

Gambling can cause problems in our lives in lots of different ways. They can be invisible and hidden for many years. 

Gambling harm is any negative consequence or side effect that comes from your own or someone else’s gambling. This can range from feelings of regret, or more serious effects like bankruptcy. It can include: 

  • Financial problems like not being able to pay your bills or accumulating debt
  • Relationship strains or difficulties with loved ones leading to breakdown or conflict
  • Health problems such as stress, worry or trouble sleeping at night
  • Emotional or psychological distress including feelings of failure, vulnerability or worthlessness
  • Reduced capacity in other parts of your life including at work or study because of tiredness or distraction
  • Cultural harms including reduced ability to participate in cultural practices or meet community expectations
  • Criminal activity such as theft to fund gambling 

Gambling harm can impact many people, not just the person who’s gambling. Family members, friends, employers and the broader community can also be harmed by someone else’s gambling.

What are Crown’s community obligations?

Crown has ethical and legal obligations to keep the community safe from gambling harm. These include:

  • Intervening when someone is showing visible signs of distress 
  • Offering trained professionals to provide support
  • Providing and enforcing a self exclusion program
  • Keeping children off the gambling room floor
  • Stopping intoxicated people from gambling
  • Keeping illegal activities off the gambling floor, such as the offering of credit to gamble
  • Providing responsible gambling programs, services and resources

There is also a community expectation that Crown will not entice people to gamble more than intended, or target vulnerable members of the community to gamble.

If you have any questions or want to speak to someone who’s been there, reach out to us at [email protected] 

If you or someone you know is in need of support, please call:

Gambling Helpline 1800 858 858 or Gamblers Help

BeyondBlue 1300 22 4636

Lifeline 13 11 14