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I support taking Crown to court

I stand with Shonica and support the court action to make Crown Casino and Aristocrat poker machines stop selling and operating poker machines that are designed to deceive.

These machines are rigged to con people, which makes them illegal under Australian consumer law which outlaws any business from misleading and deceptive conduct.

We demand any operator, including Crown Casino, turns off any Aristocrat poker machines while the court case continues. The scam in our casinos, clubs and pubs has to end.

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Today’s poker machines are designed to trick people into believing their chances of winning are higher than they actually are.

The con-job in every pub, club and casino.

The machines are designed to give the impression that each reel is the same size, when in fact, the last reel is oversized, reducing the odds without appearing to.

Most people assume that each reel on a poker machine is the same. In fact, some reels are starved of winning symbols, misleading people into thinking a win is more likely than it really is.

These are just some examples of the ways poker machines have been refined over decades to trick people out of their money. Independent researchers have carried out detailed investigations of today’s poker machines, and found many specific design features whose only purpose is to trick people.

They’re designed to deceive – and that’s illegal

Australian consumers are protected from dodgy businesses trying to trick them by our consumer law, enforced by the ACCC. Maurice Blackburn Lawyers and renowned Barrister Ron Merkel QC have worked with experts to build a case against Aristocrat, one of the world’s largest designers of poker machines, and Crown Casino, one of Australia’s biggest operators of poker machines. Read more in the Melbourne Age and Sydney Morning Herald