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Crown Casino Royal Commissions

To take advantage of this moment, we need you. Here are three ways you can help:

For too long Crown Casino has been looking after profits not people. 

This is our chance to stand up to Crown Casino, and expose the gambling industry for the harm it causes in the community.

Crown Perth Royal Commission:

Submissions for the Crown Perth Royal Commission are open until the 16th of August 2021. You can find out more about the Perth Royal Commission by clicking on their website here

1. Crown has ethical and legal obligations to keep the community safe. If you have experienced harm as a result of your own or someone else’s gambling at Crown Perth, the Commission wants to hear from you. Submissions close on Monday the 2nd of August. Click here to find out more.


 It’s likely you know someone who’s experienced harm at Crown and hasn’t yet come forward. Can you help by spreading the word to your family and friends?


3. We’re supporting people harmed by Crown to come forward to share their story. We need resources to reach them and support them to make a submission to ensure their voices are centred in this investigation. Can you donate to our Crown fighting fund?




After years of the Alliance for Gambling Reform calling for real investigations into the predatory practices of the gambling industry, and the damning Bergin report in NSW, the Victorian and Western Australian Governments have finally announced a Royal Commission into Crown Casino. 

There have been reports of Crown targeting vulnerable community groups, issuing picks to increase pokie losses, or failing to protect self-excluded people from harm - Crown has shown time and again that it can’t be trusted to keep the community safe.

We need Crown’s operations to be thoroughly interrogated -- and to do that, we need you. The Royal Commission wants to hear from people who have experienced harm as a result of their own, or someone else’s, gambling at Crown Casino. 

First hand accounts are important to not only expose what is happening at Crown, but also to elevate the issue of gambling harm across the entire community. We know many of the same exploitative practices and inducements are happening at clubs and pubs across the country, and this is an important opportunity for these stories to be recognised and heard.

Crown Melbourne Royal Commission:

The hearing for this RC has taken place and submissions into the Victorian Royal Commission into Crown Casino have now closed. To read submissions, transcripts and exhibits from these hearings click here.

The Alliance for Gambling Reform's submission to the Royal Commission into Melbourne Crown Casino is now available.
You can also download an abridged version of our submission here