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The Data's Out!

Dear Minister Kairouz,

The data is out and Victorian's are losing $2.6 BILLION a year from poker machines. That's an average of $7,149,397 every day in 2016-17. Per Victorian adult, $542 is lost, in just one year.

Per capita, Australians lose more to gambling than anyone else in the world. This is not business as usual, this is a serious problem that requires urgent action. This is a national disgrace but I want to see Victoria become the leader in poker machine reform. We need our policy to protect the community.

Our most vulnerable communities are experiencing the highest losses and this has got to change. Our policy should prioritize people, not pokies! The upcoming review of entitlements presents a once in a generation opportunity to make substantial reforms and protect our communities from further harm.

I am demanding that you step up an announce serious policies to reduce gambling harm and losses. 

Let's make Victoria a leader in poker machine reforms in Australia!


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The Victorian Government has released individual pokies venue loss data for the 2016-17 financial year, which once again confirmed the enormous damage being down to Victoria’s most vulnerable communities.

Victorians lost $2.6 billion in the last year, which is $7,149,397 every day in 2016-17. This is money that should've been spent in our local communities. Per capita, Australians lose more to gambling than anyone else in the world and we want Victoria to become a leader in pokie reform in Australia.

As the pokie entitlement reviews approach, we want our government to take this opportunity to put people before pokies and send a message: Australia needs to take it's pokie problem seriously.