Stop the Lynbrook Hotel getting more - Alliance for Gambling Reform

Stop the Lynbrook Hotel getting more pokies!

The Lynbrook Hotel already has 55 poker machines and takes nearly $8.8 million from the community every year. It is estimated these additional machines will increase those loses by nearly $2 million every year.

We've made it super easy to write to the VCGLR in regards to the Lynbrook Hotel's application for 20 additional poker machines to add to their existing 55. You can write a few sentences highlighting why 20 more pokies in the Lynbrook Hotel will have a detriment effect on the health and wellbeing of your community.

It's important to note the VCGLR already know that the majority of Victorian's don't like poker machines, so the commissioners will put low weight to submissions that talk about how bad pokies are generally. Instead, they need submissions that highlight how your specific community will be impacted if these pokies are approved. 

Be sure to add a sentence or two to the email, otherwise it won't be able to send!