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DIY: Take Action

We've seen what consistent community campaigning can do for reforming gambling in Australia:

  • Tasmanian Labor adopted a policy to phase out pokies over a five year period as an election promise as a result of community pressure
  • The Federal government passed a law to limit sportsbetting ads during broadcasts of sporting games
  • Decision-making bodies in Victoria have rejected many applications for more poker machines as a result of sustained community efforts
  • The Victorian government capped poker machine numbers
  • Crown Casino & Woolworths are getting more bad press than ever before due to their dodgy pokie business and streams of our supporters writing letters to the editor- signaling there is a public need for these stories!

We need our politicians to continue to take strong action on gambling issues rather than to give into the powerful gambling industry. So, we need gambling reform to be on the political agenda and for that to happen, members of Parliament (MPs) need to hear from you! 


Taking action can be really intimidating!
But here are some helpful guides breaking down how to take effective action:


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