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End the sports gambling adverts

Minister Fifield, 

It's time to save our sport, and pass tough laws that put an end to the barrage of gambling ads during live broadcasts of games. 

You have the support of sporting fans and families, and enough support in parliament to end the ads.

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Enough is enough. Recent research by Associate Prof Samantha Thomas at Deakin University found that;

  • Over 90% of children can recall having seen a sports betting advertisement.
  • Many children have a very detailed recall of the content of betting advertisements – including brand names, plot lines, and ‘deals’.
  • Parents thought that gambling marketing should be designated to certain times when children were unlikely to be watching television.

We’ve done this before. Adverts for cigarettes were pulled out of sports for the same reasons we need to pull gambling ads. The advertising normalises a product that causes enormous damage to people's lives. 

The ban on gambling advertising during g-rated family viewing times is there for a good reason. A live match doesn’t justify making an exception to this rule.