End Gambling Harm After Dark - Take Action!

End Gambling Harm After Dark - Take Action!

Across Victoria let's close poker machines between 2am and 6am

In Victoria, poker machine operators are exploiting loopholes in legislation and staggering opening hours leading to poker machines being available 24/7 in the state's most stressed communities. 

We know that the very late hours of the night and early hours of the morning people are most at-risk of gambling harm, and as we begin to come out of lockdowns, it's crucial we have permanent legislation that protects Victorian including a mandatory, aligned closure of all poker machines in the state from 2am to 6am.

This campaign is just the beginning; the Alliances ultimate goal is to see all poker machines in Australia closed from midnight to 10am. 

Take action to see change by following one (or all) of the steps below!

  1. Sign the petition calling for all poker machines to be closed from 2am to 6am here
  2. Share our Facebook post to friends and family calling for action!
  3. Download and share our two amazing illustrations and share on any social media platform to spread the word (see illustrations below)
  4. Make sure you always hashtag #EndGamblingHarmAfterDark 

Be sure to check this page regularly over the coming months as we'll be launching new actions until the Victorian Government commits to change!

Alliance Leadership Councils

We have prepared a social media tile for you to share with your networks which captures how many hours a day venues operate in your local government area and the losses per day during July 2021. 

To download the tiles, click the link below and then when the tile comes up on your screen right click and 'save image to "downloads". 

To download and share these campaign illustrations, click on the image and then when it expands on your screen right click and press 'save image to downloads.