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Enough Pokies in Whittlesea: Sign the Petition

To the administrators at VCAT- 

 I object to the granting of a gambling licence and planning permit for the Commercial Hotel (820 Plenty Road, South Morang). 

A licence should not be granted because:

1. This operator, ALH, runs some of the most harmful venues in the State. The nearby Plough Hotel is an example of how irresponsible their operations are, all the while promoting responsible gambling.
2. Family violence rates in the City of Whittlesea are already high. There is a correlation between poker machine density and family violence. More machines in this location will lead to less safety for women and their children.
3. This location is in a shopping strip. Whittlesea already has too many pokies venues in shopping strips. They are banned in such locations.

Keep the Commerical Hotel pokie-free!

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The Commercial Hotel at 820 Plenty Road, South Morang, has applied for a licence and planning permit to becoming a gambling venue and introduce 40 poker machines.

The City of Whittlesea already has 10 poker machine venues that collectively take over $100 million a year in losses from the municipality. We don’t need more!

Sign the Petition to help keep this beautiful old pub pokie free!