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Family-friendly footy?

Minister Fifield-

The AFL Grand Final should be a time to enjoy watching the best of footy with the family and a celebration of Aussie culture. Instead, we're being bombarded with sports-betting advertising.  

Our kids are learning to gamble through their love of football and it has got to stop!

Sports betting is now the fastest growing level of addiction and it's because of the over-saturation of ads that we are seeing in every game.

I want this footy season to be the last with sports-betting ads. Next season and every season after that, AFL should be family-friendly and ad-free.

Push through the legislative proposals on ad-bans to guarantee this is the last season of footy that is not family-friendly!

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The Grand Final was fantastic but the gambling ads were terrible. We want the next footy season to be free from sports-betting ads.

Sports betting is the fastest growing type of gambling and it's hurting individuals, families and our communities. We're calling on the Minister for Communications, Mitch Fifield to make the next footy season free from sports-betting ads. Let's push through the legislation now! Sign the petition!