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Frankston City Council Candidate Responses

Candidate Responses

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Do you support reducing the opening hours of poker machine venues?

Do you support local governments having greater say on the granting or refusing applications for poker machines in their respective communities?
Do you support the banning of all sports gambling ads?

Will you pledge to not take any donations from venues or organisations that derive income from gambling interests?

Will you commit to reducing gambling harm in your LGA?


Which of the policies
referred to in our
Candidate Information Pack do you support?
What is your position on poker machine policy?

Banson WONG North West I support the measures that council has jurisdiction over and therefore can implement, namely 1.To not hold council events or activities at
gambling venues; 2. To not make council grants available to
venues or organisations that operate EGMs; 3.To make organisations that operate EGMs ineligible for rates discounts.
I shall not accept donations from EGM associated entities thus I would not have a vested interest in supporting EGMs.
Gabriel Norris North West If elected to Frankston Council I would vote against future poker machines on Council
land, and plan and support the transition away from gambling use by existing venues
Evalyn Clow South  Ensuring venues are compliant with planning. 
Claire Harvey South I am fully aligned with the vision and values of your campaign.
As a 'lower-SES' LGA that has a higher rates of unemployment and single parent households we have many financially, socially and psychologically vulnerable people within our community. Gambling exacerbates harm, and is - I believe - a completely unethical form of 'fundraising' for community organisations. We have a unique opportunity ahead for significant reform, with many people being forced out of their habitual patterns of gambling, and a greater awareness of the power of community for health and wellbeing. I realise that significant change will not occur overnight, but it is imperative that we take steps in the right direction in order to reduce the harmful impact of gambling addiction within our households and communities. 
Henryk Kay North East  I would lobby to have the State Government to pass a law to make it a criminal offence for children under 18 to be allowed to TAB outlets or Gaming  Venues and betting rings at racecourses  I feel that this would help as when children go into these venues it teaches them bad habits at a young age in other words they copy their parents 
Jay Johnstone North East  Poker machines drive immense harm. But do have a place in a free society. They must be treated like other harmful activities, like smoking. Permissible and highly regulated.
Karan  Kent  North East  I support Frankston City Councils Gambling Policy and long term commitment to reduce gambling harm across our City  whilst advocating for gambling-free public spaces, gambling free community sport and halting any proposed expansion of gambling in our community as outlined in the candidate information pack.