From Champions to Voices - Alliance for Gambling Reform

From Champions to Voices

The name has changed but the fight goes on

In January, we engaged our community of people with lived experience of gambling harm to gather their views on our advocacy program formerly known as ‘Champions for Change’.

Anecdotally, our Program Leaders understood that many did not feel comfortable with this name, some felt it was patronising and did not explain who they are and what the Alliance does.

We consulted our lived experience community to understand these concerns further through an anonymous survey. The survey was focus-tested by people outside of the Alliance for its useability. 

We understood that a name change would mean rebranding and a language change, but believed as a key stakeholder, it was important this program reflected the views and experiences of the community it seeks to represent.

After extensive consultation, the following program name was agreed:

Voices for Gambling Reform

People with Lived Experience

This name reflects both the level of respect and dignity program participants deserve, and the clarity of message to describe their efforts.

We look forward to continuing the work of creating change in gambling in Australia by working alongside the Voices for Gambling Reform. 

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