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Gambling Royal Commission

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Whistleblowers have exposed unconscionable behaviour by Bet365 including allegations of banning gamblers that are winning, and targeting gamblers that are losing. 

This is just the latest in a series of scandals involving Crown Casino, Woolworths owned poker machine pubs, other poker machine clubs and sports gambling businesses. 

The gambling industry is rife with serious issues that need the power of a Royal Commission to reveal the true scale of the problems, and what should be done to deal with them.     

Show the leadership that is required on this issue and support a Royal Commission into the gambling industry.

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The ABC Investigations team has exposed practises by Bet365 that would be considered completely unacceptable in any other industry. Allegations of banning gamblers that threaten their billion-dollar profits by winning, targeting other gamblers to maximise losses and delaying in-play betting all to make online sports betting unfair and deeply harmful. 

The sports gambling industry grew by 16% in the last year, faster than any other form of gambling. Action is urgently needed to stop this predatory industry from destroying our sport and the lives of thousands of Australians.