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Dear Premier Gladys Berejiklian,

The current Local Impact Assessment Scheme is hurting our communities. Councils are currently not permitted to consider the social impacts of gambling within a Development Application. Council's know their local areas best and need to be able to stop pokie expansion to prevent gambling-related harm and protect the well-being of the community.

As a result of this flawed current scheme, Fairfield City Council, which is ranked as the most disadvantaged area in Sydney, lost $8.27 billion in the last year to pokies.

I am demanding that you use the LIA review to initiate reforms to protect communities: including banning additional pokies and capping pokie numbers in vulnerable areas; giving councils the power to assess the potential damage caused by pokies when considering poker machine applications and bringing greater transparency to the LIA review. The government needs to prioritize people, not poker machines.

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"Between 2009 and March 7 this year, of 155 applications for a pokie increase in NSW venues, 133 were approved, eight refused and 15 withdrawn before a decision was made. That's an approval rate of 85 per cent. During 2015-16, $1.26 million in "donations" were made by venues as part of the approval process." This is alarming and it's got to change.

NSW has the lowest level of consultation with community required and currently, local councils in NSW are not permitted to consider the social affects of gambling within a Development Application and prevent more pokies. This seriously inhibits a community's ability to be heard and raise its concerns over the impact pokies will have on their local area. The current Local Impact Assessment Scheme is hurting communities and it's got to go.