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Glen Eira City Council Candidate Responses

Candidate Responses

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Do you support reducing the opening hours of poker machine venues?

Do you support local governments having greater say on the granting or refusing applications for poker machines in their respective communities?

Do you support the banning of all sports gambling ads?

Will you pledge to not take any donations from venues or organisations that derive income from gambling interests?

Will you commit to reducing gambling harm in your LGA?


Which of the policies
referred to in our
Candidate Information Pack
do you support?
What is your position
on poker machine policy?

David Zyngier Camden The Greens do not take donations from gambling or any other socially harmful organisations. I personally support the total eradication of gambling! I want to see the removal of poker machines from our pubs and clubs and ensure that all sport is not supported by gambling (or alcohol).
Ethan Mileikowski Camden I fully support all policies referred to in the candidate information pack. In particular, shifting the discussion arround gambling to that which it is, a health issue that requires government supported harm reduction. I believe that Glen Eira can take a much stronger stance on poker machine policy. Darebin City Councils recent Electronic Gaming Machine Policy sets a major precedent for other local councils, demonstrating how Council can intervene to lessen the harms associated with gambling and poker machines and support the community in moving away from it.
Rachel Iampolski Camden I am in favour of all, but am particularly struck by the idea of viewing pokies as a public health issue, and assessing impacts and lobbying to state government in line with this (re)framing. I have been involved in research on how people are effected by gambling addiction, and have spoken with constitutes who have also shared their stories and expressed their concerns, and as such entirely agree that this is a public health issue - one that disproportionately effects disadvantaged members of the community - and as such feel that policy on poker machines need to better recognise the severity of damage they can cause.
Jesse Mansfield Camden Gambling is an addiction that most often preys on the most vulnerable members of our society, pokie machines are particularly egregious in my eyes due to their highly addictive nature and lack of player input on the outcome.

All 3 policies listed about gambling free spaces, keeping gambling out of community sport, and preventing further expansion of gambling are very reasonable and I would be more than happy to support implementing them if elected.
Alan  Grossbard Camden Stop the expansion of gambling in our city
Simon Balzer Rosstown I support your policy on advocacy at all levels of government, especially at the State and Federal level. On poker machine policy, first and foremast we should not impinge on people's right to choose how they spend their money, however for the good of the community a balance needs to be struct between people's freedoms and at the other end, exploitation. I'm not in favour of having poker machines spread far and wide across many venues in every corner of our city.
Robert Spaulding Rosstown Advocacy, planning, enforcement, council social request. Quite simply $7.4M a day is robbery.
Neil  Pilling Rosstown I support the Council policies as suggested by the Alliance.
Sue Pennicuik Rosstown I support all of the AGR policies for local government - gambling free public spaces, community sports and stopping the expansion of gambling venues. Victoria has one of the highest - if not the highest number of poker machines per capita in the world and this is corrosive to our communities and local economies. I support banning gambling and alcohol advertising at sporting events, venues and online. I have fought to remove political donations from gambling and other corporate interests at all levels of government for many years. 
Jack Dariol Rosstown -
Phil De'Ath Tucker I don't support banning pokies totally but a reduction on hours of operation along with smaller bets and limits of spending are to be encouraged along with the amount of machines available in lower income areas   They can. E evil but they are a source of entertainment for some who can control their use   If they were totally banned people would spend more on other forms of betting as has been evident during the Covid 19 pandemic 
 Jim  Magee Tucker At South Oakleigh Club in East Bentleigh i have seen first hand the negative impact not only on residents but on the club. The club is desperately trying to get out off poker machines. 
Li Zhang Tucker Almost all of them! I'm strongly against gambling. 
Joanne Beilby Tucker I support reducing the social impact of gambling and offering mental health consultation to assist people with gambling addiction and related issues by offer services that address  their needs.