Enough Pokies at Glenroy RSL - Alliance for Gambling Reform

Enough Pokies at Glenroy RSL

We know that poker machines are harmful. They're designed to addict and cause extraordinary hardship in Moreland. Now they want more!

We need your help to make sure Moreland Council says no to more poker machines

The Glenroy RSL has applied to increase their poker machines from 40 to 50. Not content with the $3.9million they ripped out of the area last year, they want to fleece another million from individuals and families who are already under stress. Let’s make sure this doesn’t happen.

Moreland Council will be deciding on this planning application on Wednesday 23rd March. Now is the time to speak out and say no. 

Please use this submission form to say no to more poker machines

Moreland Council needs your support to make sure the Glenroy RSL doesn’t get more pokies. Many Councillors don't want them either and community opposition makes it easier for them to deny the permit. 

It's not surprising that most of the time, residents don't even know this sort of expansion is going on, let alone speak out about it. That's why each individual objection has more impact than you might expect.