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No Pokies for the Grandview

Dear Mayor and Councillors of the City of Darebin

We the undersigned call on you each to categorically reject the application to extend the planning permit that would enable to Grandview Hotel to install 50 poker machines. Residents of Darebin already lose more than $84 million a year on pokies. Our community can’t afford additional losses.

What’s more, significant new evidence has emerged since VCAT overturned Council’s sound rejection of the planning permit in 2013. We now know that gambling causes a health burden on our community nearly as great as that caused by alcohol, and that there is a direct relationship between poker machine density in an area and family violence rates.

Please protect our community by refusing to extend the planning permit.

Thank you

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To all residents of Darebin,

Please sign this petition to say “NO” to poker machines at the Grandview Hotel.

Darebin already has 754 poker machines which cause untold harm to thousands of locals who get snared in the trap of these addictive and misleading machines. Pokies also harm small businesses struggling to get ahead because so much money is lost to the local area and local economy.

Four years ago, the Grandview Hotel applied for a planning permit to become a pokies venue. Council wisely rejected that application but was overturned at VCAT. However, the planning permit has expired thereby providing Council with an opportunity to turn back the clock

It will make a difference to Council’s decision on Monday night if residents of Darebin say: “No! We don’t need another pokies venue! We already have 12 and that’s more than enough!”

It’s important that our local representatives hear our voices and turn back the clock on pokies. Please sign now!