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Greater Dandenong City Council Candidate Responses

Candidate Responses

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Do you support reducing the opening hours of poker machine venues?

Do you support local governments having greater say on the granting or refusing applications for poker machines in their respective communities?

Do you support the banning of all sports gambling ads?

Will you pledge to not take any donations from venues or organisations that derive income from gambling interests?

Will you commit to reducing gambling harm in your LGA?


Which of the policies
referred to in our
Candidate Information Pack
do you support?

What is your position on poker machine policy?

Liaqat Khan Dandenong  I think gambling destroy lives and relationships.I believe being responsible in life is key. Poker Machines need to be banned.
Geraldine GONSALVEZ Dandenong  The alliance will have my full support. If you do go to my website you will see when I did have the opportunity to serve the Greater Dandenong council as the Independent New Dandenong ward millennium councillor  in the years 2000 - 2003 I did my best to  introduce gambling reform . I have attached a reference  from the Mayor and CEO of the Council at the time. I will be more than willing to reduce and prevent harm caused by gambling as well as support families affected by this habit and support reform all the way. Thank you for the interest.
Eugene Gvozdenko Keysborough I strongly agree with the following demands:
Cessation of donations by the gambling industry to state and federal politicians.
A reduction in the dependency of AFL clubs on pokies as a source of revenue.
Prohibition of sports betting advertising on television during G-rated viewing times.
$1 maximum bets, coupled with a maximum limit upon pokies losses of $120 per hour.
Wider role for councils and local communities in deciding gambling applications.
Moonsamy Naidoo Keysborough South Reduce pokies hours and monitor every gambler time and monies.
Machines are subject to audit and once a certain amount of revenue is received the machines must payout the excess in winnngs. Winnings must also be randomly generate with players having a 50% chance of wining. 
Gam Le Keysborough South The policies I support includes 'address gambling harm as a public health issue', 'reduce venue opening hours', 'end gambling ads' and 'stopping the expansion of gambling in our suburbs and towns. 
Lana Formoso Noble Park North To not make council grants available to venues or organisations that operate EGMs
To not allow future poker machine on Council
land, and plan and support the transition
Discarding the phrases 'responsible
gambling' and 'problem gambling' from
council documents and discussions. These
phrases reinforce stigma by placing
responsibility for gambling harm and
addiction on the individual instead of on the
systems and structures in place that enable
gambling harm
Shift to the public health narrative of
referring to 'gambling harm'
Do an assessment of social and economic
impacts of poker machine venue
applications, and commit resources to
opposing those that will negatively impact
the community
Maximise community awareness of and
engagement with poker machine venue
Ensure venues are compliant with planning
and other requirements through active
Advocate to state and federal governments
for legislative reform to reduce and prevent
gambling harm
Create awareness in the local community by
creating news stories around gambling
harm and undertake other harm
minimisation projects
NIZAR ASHKAR Noble Park North I actually support ALL policies. I am dead set against gambling in the first place. If it is impossible to abolish altogether, let's minimise its spread and harm at least. All gambling venues and instruments, including poker machines, derive unfair income at the expense of gullible addicted people who need help and education about their gambling problem. The social cost to families and community at large is very similar to that of illicit drug abuse, yet we perceive these money-making practices as acceptable while we outlaw drug dealing trade. The cost is too large to ignore, and we need to be responsible. Just as we strive for a better society through fighting smoking, drinking, and substance abuse, we need to have gambling perceived in the same light with regards to harm to our society.
Richard Lim Springvale Central I support all of the policies stated in the Information Pack, particularly reducing venue opening hours and ceasing expansion of gambling in our LGA. I strongly advocate the restriction/reduction of poker machines and opening hours, and have produced an online Facebook clip raising awareness of the issues of gambling a few months ago which I have linked below.
Thi Gam Tran Springvale Central Yes I do
I farro closing down all slot machines
Ricardo Buensuceso Springvale North  improve more policies