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Hawthorn is the worst!

Hawthorn FC-

Once again, you have topped the list for causing the highest losses from poker machines. Over the last year, you ripped over $24 million from the community. 

This is not an achievement to be proud of!

Collingwood, who until recently was the third-most destructive club for pokie harm, has just decided to get out of pokies- citing the social harms within their decision.

They showed that with leadership, financial reliance on pokies can end so funding footy doesn't have to hurt the community.

Now it's your turn.

I want to see you take responsibility for the harm you are causing to the Victorian community and divest from your 165 pokies by the end of the year. 

Will you sign?

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Hawthorn is atrocious. Over the last year, they took over $24 million out of the community through their 165 poker machines.

For years, Hawthorn has topped the list for the most destructive AFL club for pokie losses and harm but what's worse- they don't want to budge so, they need to be held accountable!

The Hawthorn President Jeff Kennett is the former Chairman of Beyond Blue and former Premier of Victoria and yet, presides over a club that proudly boasts the highest losses and most harm from poker machines: it's absolute hypocrisy!

Kennett, and the Hawthorn leadership, need to be held accountable for the harm they cause to our community.

Sign the petition to demand that they commit to divesting from poker machines!