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Please help my community in Officer in Melbourne’s south east to have a say on whether we get a huge new pokies venue in the centre of our town. The Cardinia Planning Scheme denies us the right to object which exists in most other communities. The Planning Minister can intervene to restore our rights so that our voices can be heard. My friends, neighbours and community can’t afford to lose over $30,000 every day on predatory poker machines. And if this can happen in Officer, then what other community could be next.

Thanks for signing this petition to restore our rights and ensure the rights of other Victorian communities are also protected.

Andrew McNabb, Officer

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We call on the Honourable Richard Wynne, Minister for Planning, to immediately change the Cardinia Planning Scheme to take out provisions that remove advertising requirements and third party appeal rights for planning applications for poker machines. We further request that the Minister review all planning schemes in Victoria to ensure that every community has a right to be heard on matters relating to poker machines.