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As I grew up, poker machines tore my family apart.

The spin doctors for the poker machine industry place all the blame on my mum. They bring focus to the people who develop a problem and away from the product that causes it.

I’ve researched the machines that devastate so many families. The truth is frightening. These machines are not a game of chance.  It’s a con. They’ve been designed to get under your skin and into your brain. They’re dangerous, and they’re everywhere.  It could happen to anyone.

We simply have to ignore what the gambling industry has to say and listen to the experts and those with a lived experience of harm. The Alliance for Gambling Reform will give you the truth.

Hundreds of thousands of kids are going through the same pain I did.  And all up, poker machines are hurting around five million Australians.

I’m determined to make our clubs and pubs safe. To do it, we’re going to have to come together to make ourselves heard. There’s a powerful new campaign coming. Join me, to make our pubs and clubs con-free.

Thanks, Allison