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The documentary Ka-Ching! Pokie Nation is a powerful tool for engaging Australians on the issue of poker machine gambling, and how it damages our communities. Community groups, councils, churches and small clubs are screening the film to bring their group together around an important issue. 

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Organising a community screening of Ka-Ching! Pokie Nation is easy, with our Community Screening Pack. We supply all the materials you need, and guide you through the process. You organise a venue, pick a date, and promote your screening.

Our comprehensive community screening pack includes:
  • 1 x Licence fee for public screening of a film
  • 1 x DVD plus exclusive content
  • Printed posters for promoting your screening
  • Social media flyers, banners and “e-cards”
  • A suite of excellent short viral videos for you to promote the film on social media
  • A thorough guide to making your screening a success
  • A discussion pack for a post-film Q&A, to help move your viewers from spectators to action
  • An ‘Action Pack’ with templates for petitions and letter-to-the-editor tools
  • We will help set you up with a guest speaker (for example, a former gambler or public health expert) where possible.
  • We will advertise your screening on the Alliance and Ka-Ching! websites and social media pages

The general fee for the screening pack is $350. This helps cover the cost of producing the film, developing the kit and running the Alliance for Gambling Reform. For small community organisations with a annual budget of less than $10,000 a year, and who are members of the Alliance, the fee is $50. If you'd like to use the film for lots of screenings or in a education program, the film distributors can negotiate with you. 

1) Click here to buy the $350 film pack now from the distributors of Ka-Ching!

2) Click here to apply for the $50 small organisation kit for Alliance members

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