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Keep Huntlee Pokies Free!

Dear Cessnock Councillors, 

Huntlee is a brand new suburb and should be a great opportunity for the 22,000 future residents. However, putting a pokie pub in the town centre will saddle the community with 30 addictive poker machines that will fleece almost $1million a year for the community.

Please use any means available to you to stop this pokie pub from going ahead. The proposal is before council now, so there's a chance to get it right, for the future residents of Huntlee and all of the Hunter region.  

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Australians lose more money to big gambling than any other country in the world - $23 billion every year, largely from Australians who can least afford it. It’s no accident. Over decades’ poker machines have been designed to addict. They cause the same chemical reactions in the brain as cocaine.

In the last year, $7.1 billion dollars was taken by poker machines in NSW – mostly from the people and communities who can least afford it. NSW has 92,861 poker machines – almost half of all Australia’s machines and 10% of the world’s machines. 

The damage done is not just financial.  Gambling causes twice as much harm to the health of Australians as diabetes, bipolar disorder and cannabis dependence combined.

The Hunter region already loses $423million a year to its 9,780 pokies. We don't need anymore.