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I support taking the pokies to court

In Australia we've got laws to protect us from fraudsters who try and swindle money from us. Under consumer law, misleading or deceptive conduct in business is illegal. 

That's why I support taking the pokie industry to court

The documentary Ka-Ching! has revealed the deception that's designed into the math, graphics and sounds of poker machines. This has gone on too long. We're not waiting for politicians, we're taking pokies that play us to court. 

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Possible legal action 

The Alliance for Gambling reform has been working with Maurice Blackburn Lawyers to investigate multiple legal avenues for challenging the legality of design and operation of poker machines in Australia. We believe there are strong grounds for compensation for victims of machines that are designed for addiction, and that the machines are in breach on Australian consumer law, because they are misleading and deceptive. 

There are many ways on which poker machines are designed to mislead and deceive people, with losses disguised as wins and near misses being two that are intended to mislead Australians.

While the legal strategy is underway, there is more work to be done to finalize the specifics of the case.