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Let's make self exclusion actually work!

Reform opportunities heat up in NSW

2020 has caught us all by surprise in more ways than one. We at the Alliance certainly didn't expect a State Government that had entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with ClubsNSW in 2018 to be proactively looking for ways to fix the very broken system of self-exclusion in the state - but here we are.

For context- in NSW, if a person self-excludes from a gambling pub or club, currently the venue isn’t obliged to honour that deed and keep them out. Similarly, venues turn a deaf ear to pleas from concerned family members, who want to keep a loved one safe.

After a long wait, the consultation draft for amendments to fix these problems was released on 25 September. The industry set its hair on fire and verballed Minister Victor Dominello, who is genuinely keen to have a working exclusion system in NSW. The Minister went so far as to point out that NSW is the most harmed state, and took us by surprise by floating the idea of a cashless gambling scheme as well.

We’re aiming for 100 submissions to be made by allied organisations before consultation on the legislation closes on December 11, and we’ll be building a campaign centering those most impacted by the failure of this system, to share their stories and ensure that the reforms are passed in Parliament.

Ensuring a robust, improved exclusion scheme is passed by Parliament is our main focus in the coming months, assuming the Bill is presented in early March 2021. 

If you or anyone in your life has an example of the self-exclusion system failing to keep you safe, whether it was difficult to access, cumbersome to use or not worth the paper it's written on, we want to hear from you! Please get in touch with our Champions for Change Program Coordinators today.