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Letters to the Editor

It's no wonder

It's no wonder the NSW Pubs and Clubs (holding 10% of the world's poker machines) are still open, despite the COVID19 risks. Continue reading

Punting for political advantage

When most Australians are complying with measures put in place to protect our people, the gambling industry and it's media industry cohort display no restraint or regret when plundering the vulnerable ("Australian punters prop up bookies", August 3).    Continue reading

Betting Bonanza

Almost one third of Victoria's sports betters are men aged 18-24 who've grown up believing footy and gambling are intrinsically linked. Continue reading

It's absurd!

It's an addiction.Arguably worse than drinking Continue reading

I hope every player in the AFL expresses outrage at this money-grabbing exercise Continue reading

AFL BetEasy deal will break up families

Breaking up families, suicide, violence, untold crime….. Take a good look at yourselves, there must be more appropriate methods to get the sponsorship. Continue reading

What a tragedy

That the AFL can put profits before children's welfare is deplorable. Continue reading

Disappointing to see

Fans, families and children will be deluged with advertisements. Continue reading

Greed knows no bounds.

Gambling is destroying lives and families. Continue reading

Change the channel

We need our sporting codes to clean up Continue reading