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Letters to the Editor

Shame, Shame, Shame AFL!

Do they not care about the image they are projecting onto future generations? Continue reading

AFL at odds with players

A local family has been destroyed by gambling. Their new home- lost, a husband & father, possibly sent to prison. A wife & child left destitute. Continue reading

Vulnerable fans left exposed

This deal is a shameful disgrace Continue reading

Gambling Sucks!

No more AFL for me. Continue reading

Children will pay for the AFL BetEasy deal

We encourage our children to play sports, especially Australian Rules Football, and the price the children will pay for that is to face a barrage of gambling advertising associated with the sport they love. Continue reading

Shaking my head

Between the AFL and the morally bankrupt Andrews government revenue-raising by both is totally out of control. Continue reading

Gambling is addiction by stealth

The avalanche of advertisements telling all to ‘gamble responsibly’ it just a joke – Continue reading

They've sold out Australian families

I can no longer tolerate the flood of betting ads Continue reading

I have stopped watching the football

Are Boards selling out their players, family supporters, and, at the end of the day, ‘the game’? Continue reading

Promoting gambling is promoting destruction!

What are the benefits [of gambling]?And for whom? Not the punters... Continue reading