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Letters to the Editor

Sport and gambling do not go together

We must stop allowing the AFL to put gambling ads on at all. Susceptible people who maybe haven't been thinking of having a bit, are reminded that just maybe they could score some money by placing a bet. Continue reading

The AFL are targeting young people

The AFL is working for the betting company Continue reading

What Hypocrisy!

The AFL is a Love the Game partner... What hypocrisy. Continue reading

Admiration for the Players boldly taking a stand

Despite this, the AFL went ahead and signed another 5 year deal reportedly worth $50 million, to allow gambling behemoth BetEasy to continue pushing gambling ads down the throats of fans, families and kids! Continue reading


The vulnerable addicts pay the price by ruining their lives! Continue reading

Exploitation and Greed are rife in the Gambling Industry.

This is just the latest in a series of scandals involving Crown Casino, Woolworths owned poker machine pubs, other poker machine clubs and sports gambling businesses. Continue reading

What a joke!

What a joke, even many of the players are against it. Continue reading

BetEasy deal caused me to stop following the AFL

Because of the marriage of AFL and the gambling industry I stopped following the sport years ago after being an avid supporter all my life Continue reading

Pick up your game, AFL Leadership!

The AFL has disappointed me yet again. How can a sporting code sign another 5-year deal to allow Bet Easy.... Continue reading